Ayurveda categorises the Postnatal period as a time dominated by the Dosha Vata, which is light and airy (all that space left where the baby used to be). New mums need help to pacify this Dosha.  To help keep them grounded they need sweet, warm and oily foods. Digestion is weak and so foods need to be simple. Cold foods like raw vegetables are not considered a good thing at this time.

So when cooking for you I will bear these principles in mind. If you are interested in an Ayurvedic menu I have a lovely recipe book full of Vata pacifying recipes that we can choose meals from. If you can’t find anything in there we can look at favourite foods of yours and see how we can convert them to be Vata pacifying. There are also some lovely warm drinks I can make for you.

I can cook meals just for you or make a meal for your whole family.

Frozen food is super useful at this time, but Ayurveda considers it as energetically low. I can and will help stock up your freezer to feed you and your family between visits, but it can be good to bear this in mind if you are heavily relying on frozen foods.

Bone broths, although not Ayurvedic are fantastic for nourishing you during this time. Just remember to buy the best quality bones possible, ideally organic & grass fed.

The Ayurvedic recipes that I have are largely vegetarian, but I am not and so if you want me to cook meat I have no objections to handling it.

I can prepare dry mixes of nutritious foods so that all you or your partner need do is add water and heat.

Another great idea is to prepare a base such as Congee (rice) and then several toppings such as cooked veggies, nuts and seeds, cooked meats and sauces to be kept in the fridge. When you are hungry just throw your selected mixture in a pan and heat, easy for anyone to do.

Meal in a box – I can prepare the ingredients you will need for dinner that evening, then you can just cook it up.

I really enjoy food and I really enjoy learning about the various health benefits of eating in various ways. Currently because I have small children my biggest challenge is how to feed them as healthily as possible whilst still making food that they will eat. I am also experimenting with the Paleo style eating for myself. I have over time been Vegetarian and Vegan, so I have experience of cooking in these styles and familiarity with ingredients used. I also really enjoy cooking Roast Dinners, Lasagne and other classics. No matter what style of cooking I am doing I am passionate about good quality fresh ingredients, lovely oils, and cooking from scratch.


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