Individual Postnatal Vists

Maybe you didn’t know how much help you would need or perhaps had not realised that Postnatal Doulas were even a thing! Its not too late I am available to be booked for individual visits.

The Postnatal Visit (3 hrs approx.) is at the core of any postnatal retreat plan even if you just book one it can make a real difference. So what do I offer –

Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. Instruction in Self -Massage and simple baby massage.

Cooking, fresh meals and delicious teas to keep your strength up, meals for the whole family, veggie prep or freezer stocking. whatever your needs are.

Light Housework such as folding clothes or the washing up.

Help with older children.

A listening ear, some company and someone to hold the baby while you jump in the shower or take a much needed nap!

Please send me an email or complete the simple form below to express your interest, for prices and for any more information you might need. (

If you are interestedĀ  in multiple visits please check out The Super Deluxe Package and the Deluxe Package as these include multiple visits and lots of extra goodies! xx


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