Super Deluxe Package

The bees knees of my Postnatal packages The Super Deluxe package is just brimming with value. Let me tell you what you get –

Before baby arrives

Registration call (1hr approx.).

This call can either be in person or via Skype/Facetime depending on location. It’s really about getting to know each other.  I’ll take your details and we can discuss your preferences, interests and your vision for your postnatal retreat. I will also share some helpful techniques and tips. We can also plan what you would like to do in your prenatal visit.

The pre natal visit.

This is a longer in person visit to your home (3hrs approx.) . It’s great opportunity for me to get orientated to your home, so that when I do start the post natal visits I know where everything is and I don’t need to interrupt your baby bliss time wondering where the teaspoons are. We can also do some food preparation, preparing dry mixes or food for the freezer. Education about postnatal food and traditions including discussion about postnatal foods and traditions from an Ayurvedic perspective and how to implement them. Or why not enjoy a luxurious Massage to help with those pregnancy aches and pains.

After baby has arrived.

Twelve Post natal visits (3 hrs each approx.).

And now the real magic begins. It’s up to you how you want to space these visits. They can start as soon as you are home or perhaps once hubby has gone back to work at about two weeks post- natal depending on your needs. You may wish to just take one per week or take two a week for maximum support in those first six weeks, the first forty days. You can also take one pre- natal if you feel you need it. They can include –

Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. Instruction in Self -Massage and simple baby massage.

Cooking, fresh meals and delicious teas to keep your strength up,  meals for the whole family, veggie prep or further freezer stocking. whatever your needs are.

Light Housework such as folding clothes or the washing up.

Help with older children. 

A listening ear, some company and someone to hold the baby while you jump in the shower or take a much needed nap!

A luxury hamper

Full of hand-picked useful postnatal goodies. Including Belly binding, Organic Black Sesame oil for Massage and useful books and resources.

And there is more …..

Access to my exclusive Facebook group for new mothers.

Three Massages (1hr each approx.)

To be taken after the postnatal visits have finished, and within 6 months.

Six life coaching sessions (1hr each approx.)

To be taken between six months to a year post natal.  Via Skype/ Facetime or in person depending on  your location, focusing on life balance and goal setting.

And there you have it the value packed Super Deluxe package . I just love reading over it because it just sounds so amazing. Please send me an email or complete the simple form below to express your interest, for prices and for any more information you might need. (







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